One Week Meal Review

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Have you been working towards your goals but find you’re not getting the intended results? There are many factors that may be playing into the outcome, but sometimes the culprit is food choices and food pairings.

Our one week meal review gives you the opportunity to record your diet for one week and have our in-house Nutritionist review it. This review will highlight any opportunities in your diet for improvement; and ultimately get you back on track with achieving your goals. This is also an opportunity to eliminate your diet being the root cause of your undesirable results.

The Process:

  • Each day, you'll receive a link to answer a few short questions about your meals. You'll also have the option to get text reminders after each meal. 
  • After a week of gathering info and insights into your diet, we'll put together a detailed summary for you.
  • Want a more personalized review? Book a One-on-one Session where we can discuss your review in detail.

After purchase, you'll receive an email with next steps!