Employee Wellness Workshop

Thank your team with the gift of wellness education.

Help your employees grow.

Mental and physical health is more important than ever! Especially for those who are committed to working behind a desk most of the day. Our Employee Wellness Workshop is the perfect way to show your employees your appreciation for their hard work. Our workshop provides education in nutrition and mental health, as well as tips on how to integrate this knowledge into their career and personal lives.

Manage on-the-job stress

Create sustainable energy

Achieve better work-life balance

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Ready to learn more?

Email us for pricing information and customizable workshop options.

Your team will love you.

Give your team a break while educating and enriching their life. Our workshops are virtual, which means employees can participate from the comfort of their own home or workspace.

Bringing both physical and mental wellness education to our team has become a priority and benefit that employees not only ask for, but expect!

— Steve Jordans, HR Representative

What you get.

Our Employee Wellness Workshop can be tailored to fit your team. Are there communication struggles? lack of energy or depressed moods? We can make this virtual workshop fit your needs. Workshops include the following.

Provide a basic nutrition education and how to maximize productivity with better food choices.

Learn simple exercises to strengthen and maintain motivation at work.

Discuss the importance of mental health and how to alleviate stressors to create a better work-life balance.

Tailored to your team.

Looking for more than a workshop? Do you want a longer growth plan or topic-specific workshops? With several varieties of interactive, mental and physical health coaching, we can create a specific program to fit your team. Email us to learn more!

Ready to learn more?

Email us for pricing information and customizable workshop options.